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Bot E-volution: Are you up to the challenge?

To register your child in this course, please click on the Register tab and fill the registration form, or write to [email protected] if you have any queries.

Appropriate for ages 10+ years

Robokids brings you real-life problem solving with LEGO ® MINDSTORMS Education EV3. Students and teachers worldwide are finding it easier to meet their curriculum targets with the help of hands-on learning and fun-filled engagement in exercises that teach concepts related to Science, Computer Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Highlights of skills students learn:

  • Study a problem
  • Plan, design and construct a robot to solve the challenge
  • Program the robot to control its behaviours aimed at executing the solution
  • Test and modify
  • Learn to work in a team
  • Complete tasks in a limited amount of time
  • Manage digital journals for the project: add text, images, sound and video
  • Hone presentation skills
  • Prepare to compete in regional, national and international competitions
  • Learn to develop a digital portfolio of your work that can be shared with teachers, family and employers

STEM concepts learnt and practiced:

Computer Science

  • Learn to use a simple, icon based programming language
  • Design solutions with the use of algorithms


  • Collect real time data
  • Verify a hypothesis
  • Use tools like sensors
  • Plot digital graphs


  • Explore real-life application of technology
  • Make analogies
  • Identify relationships
  • Predict outcomes
  • Analyse data
  • Draw conclusions about design and functionality


  • Work independently to come up with solutions for problems
  • Apply design process techniques from briefing to testing, analysis, modifications until the goal is achieved


  • Make calculations in practical, real time situations
  • See how numbers impact mechanical behaviours