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Fearless Mathspert Mental Maths

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Appropriate for ages 5+ years

About this course

The abacus, which the Japanese call soroban, is an ancient device made up of parallel rods, each containing five beads each. It is still used in Japan and other Asian countries to teach students how to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and solve Arithmetic problems. Despite the advent of calculators in digital devices, it remains popular because by exercising the brain regularly under guided instructions, it helps develop mental skills that are still relevant, such as concentration and memorisation.

As a result, children have sharper, more alert minds, and this helps them not only in Mathematics but also in other subjects. They are also more confident to perform well in their secondary school maths exams and in university entrance and aptitude tests. (Reference)

Eventually, kids are able to perform mental maths calculations by using a virtual or imaginary abacus, without needing a physical abacus. Robokids has developed a proprietary system of teaching mental maths based on this derived technique of repetitive practice. Detailed work sheets have been developed utilising this method and sessions are conducted by trained instructors.