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Fun to Learn: Robotics workshops

To register your child in this workshop, please click on the Register tab and fill the registration form, or write to [email protected] if you have any queries.

Have you ever wanted to make your own robot? Well, here's your chance:

Workshop: 'I'M A ROBO-MAKER'

Say 'Hello' to your very own robot - make it, take it, show it!

Learning Objectives

Kids learn concepts like robots, goal, organising, planning and assembling.

Kids engage in hands-on activity of making their own robot.

Kids are encouraged to share their achievement with their friends and family so they can take pride in becoming a maker and be inspired to continue pursuing scientific projects.


Kids are guided to make a simple but functioning robot from everyday materials. They can take away their robot for keepsake.

Age group:

Workshop can be customised for ages 5-16.


45 minutes - 1 hour



Materials required:

All will be provided by Robokids.

Participation fee:

For pricing according to the size of the group and other custom requirements, please contact us.