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Play As You Learn (Courses)

Robotics & Engineering

Wonder Bots (with LEGO ® WeDo: Students work as young scientists, engineers, mathematicians and creative writers to construct, modify and redesign LEGO models). The wonderful awesomeness starts here...

Fearless Mathspert Mental Maths

Fearless Mathspert Mental Maths (kids become proficient in doing fast and accurate mental calculations, develop stronger memory, concentration and confidence; helps develop sharper minds that can do well in university entrance and aptitude tests). Fire some neurons, then click here.

Space Detectives

Space Detectives (join an elite multinational team of kids, code-named Guardians of the Earth, searching for life in the universe and fighting nasty aliens). Follow this lead.

Game 10101

Game 10101 (with LEGO ® Robotics, Microsoft ® Kodu and GameSalad ®: what's more fun than playing computer games - creating your own games!

Research & Development

Our Robotics Centre is research driven– we develop products for teachers like you in cooperation with many local teachers. We use an iterative process that involves several rounds of testing, initially with the teachers, and then in their classrooms.

Learn & Fun

Robotics for Kids uses fun, hands-on projects (featuring LEGO® and Littlebits®) to teach kids robotics and STEM skills. Personalized interactive learning for your kids.

Teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths using Robotics



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STEM club activities @ Robokids


Meet the Inspiring team

Mubashra Manzoor

Manager, STEM Solutions

Danyal Tayyub

STEM Solutions Developer

Mubashar Rafi

STEM Solutions Developer

Farheen Fazal

Global Communications Manager

Mustafa Khan

Chief Product Officer

Mubashar Saeed

Game Developer & Trainer

Muneeba Anwar

Trainer, STEAM Projects

Ahmad Khalid

Machine Learning Engineer & STEM Education Trainer

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