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Game 10101: Are you up to the challenge?

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Appropriate for ages 7+ years

Your kids will now be able to learn Creative Computing using Microsoft Kodu Game Lab and other similar top rated software tools, under the guidance of experienced Robokids engineers in a fun team environment.

Course Objectives

  • Create & Imagine: Then amaze the world with your ideas.
  • Problem solving: Every problem has a solution, but only if you think logically.
  • Story Telling: Make your game unique and challenging. Think about the plot, the characters and their objectives.

SECTION 1: Game development using Microsoft Kodu

Module 1: Introducing Game Design & Kodu Game Lab
Module 2: Kodu Basics
Module 3: Informal design process
Module 4: Creating Worlds
Module 5: Game Design Patterns


Using Game Salad

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Getting Started : Initial Setup
  3. Actor Setup Part 1
  4. Actor Setup Part 2
  5. Creating Levels
  6. Building a Menu and UI elements
  7. Summary