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Wonder Bots-Playground

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Appropriate for ages 5-6 years

It's fun to learn with LEGO Education WeDoTM Activity Pack and Robokids. Students get an exciting opportunity to play and learn at the same time, working as young scientists, engineers, mathematicians and creative writers to construct LEGO models, modifying them and redesigning them through their own ingenuity.

Kids work as tiny tot engineers to learn, design and build The LEGO Playround (programmable swing, seesaw, merry-go-round, ferris wheel etc).

A few of the Learning Goals addressed:

  • Make a working model using creativity
  • Link cause and effect
  • Think about how to find answers, use imagination to find new solutions
  • Brainstorm ideas and attempt to implement them
  • Test by changing one factor and measuring the effect
  • Make systematic measurements
  • Display data in tables

Skills developed:

Robokids trainers guide students to actively:

  • Build
  • Program
  • Investigate
  • Write
  • Present