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    EdTech Collaboration

    You've developed a children's business: a technology, a device, an app, a 3D printer, a VR/AR system, a software, a book, lessons, exhibition event or anything which you believe can do a whole lot of good in the world of EdTech, only if the right people could get to know about it. Robokids can work with you to create relevant, engaging and original content, communications and marketing channels for students, parents, schools, teachers, academies, publishers, distributors, retailers, companies or any other audiences around the world you want to reach.

    We are uniquely positioned to help you because:

    • A unique philosophy: we will be the voice of your audiences and their interests, as much as we will represent you.
    • We are ourselves an EdTech organisation with a unique combination of engineering, education and advertising experience and skills set.
    • We understand what clicks with each of these audiences.
    • We work closely with our partners to identify the nuances of their EdTech products and services.
    • We create original content with creative ideas after researching both your product and your audience to find just the right proposition and create informative, engaging content that serves the audience's needs.

    Why Join Us?

    If you share our philosophy of using technology to enhance K-12 learning, then join hands with us in our mission to inspire the kids everywhere to become problem-solvers who are future-ready.


    For more information, please contact us:

     Tel: +923028466455
     Email[email protected]

    Get to know us ....

    Robokids is an educational research & development organisation. Its educational programs and assessments are based on the certification received from NASA-Columbia University for Leadership in STEM Education integration in schools' curriculum. We support schools in infusing specific STEM education tools, techniques and best practices into their co-curricular activities and mainstream curriculum. The overall aim is to develop Future Ready Skills in the K-12 age group in Pakistan and abroad.

    Together, we can inspire the kids in so many ways...

    At schools backed by Robokids, kids develop mental skills and confidence as they enjoy making LEGO robots and other smart electronic devices, practice Japanese mental math, develop creative multimedia stories, rescue cartoon characters using the 6-step engineering design process and learn programming to create digital games & apps, all the time learning and practicing specific techniques for real world problem solving and computational thinking as future-ready students.

    We’re better together...

    Robokids is an affiliate of Maker Camp ® (US) and is a sponsor of robotics events like NEO '16 at the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology. Our team of engineers is inspiring students, assisting parents, supporting teachers and energising the work of school management at several schools.

    What we have to offer to the kids, and to YOU too!

    Our educational programs include courses and workshops conducted during or after school hours and have reached 700+ (3-16 year old) students in our first year alone.

    When we partner with the kids, we inspire them to achieve...

    With LEGO Mindstorms EV3 technology, in the national level robotics competition of FLL in Feb '16, Robokids’ 2 teams won the second and fourth positions as well as the Gracious Professionalism award. One of them went on to win the 3rd Inspiration Award in Spain in May '16 at the Open European Championship of FLL. FLL participation is a great opportunity and forum for kids to develop their character values, research, teamwork and communication skills, and technical knowledge of robotics and programming. Robokids is now taking their FLL team training programs to more cities and schools in the new season. Some of our programs include 'WonderBots©, 'Inventors in the Making©', 'I am a Robomaker©, 'Smart World© 'Game 10101©', 'Fearless Mathsperts©', 'Mathspert Kids©', 'WonderBots - The Prequel©,’ ‘Snakes & Lies© 'Adventures in Maths©', 'I-PIE©', 'Space Adventure HQ© and other products.

    Programs designed by Robokids include curriculum developed by Robokids engineers and published by Intel, Harvard, NASA, National Geographic, Discovery Education, Scholastic & others. Robokids uses DIY electronic components as well as kits and/or software from LEGO ® and Microsoft Kodu ® Game Lab and others.